Best Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

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Learn how to write the best non-disclosure agreement, an easy step-by-step guide.

A non-disclosure agreement is signed between two parties, to maintain a bond of keeping information confidential. This agreement holds legal value and any sensitive information that is shared needs not to be shared with anyone. Many corporate companies let their employees sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to prevent the spread of information about their work.

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The NDA contains vital information that is needed by the other person/company to sign. In order to save yourself from writing this technical and formal piece of document, you can always seek help from iDispute. iDispute provides a template that helps prepare the NDA document with perfection. You can follow the instructions provided to get your document ready, which you can very easily dispatch and get signed by your partner/company.

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You can start by entering the agreement effective date on the right side of the document (eg. 08/03/2020).

Information Provider

This section will require personal information about the information provider. You can enter the details in the following order:

● Name of the Information Provider (eg. Company Example LLC)

● Address (eg. 123 Example Street, Miami, FL 12345)

● Phone Number (eg. 123–456–7890)

● Email Address (eg.

Information Recipient

All the particulars related to the information recipient needs to be entered in this section. Fill in the details in the following manner.

● Name of the Recipient (eg. Service Example LLC)

● Address (eg. 321 Sample Street, New York, NY 54321)

● Phone Number (eg. 111–222–3333)

● Email Address (eg.

Read the document carefully, which will contain all the important instructions that need to be followed.

On page 4 of the agreement, enter the validity date from which the agreement will take effect (eg. 12/31/2021) also mention the number of years taken for the agreement of confidentiality to expire (eg. 2 (two) years).

Addresses and Signatures of the Parties

In this section, first, add the address of the provider and then the recipient in the following order.

1. Provider

● Company Name (Company Example LLC)

● Address Line (eg. 123 Example Street, Miami, FL 12345)

● Phone Number (eg. 123–456–7890)

● Email (eg.

2. Recipient

● Company/Individual Name (eg. Service Example LLC)

● Address Line (eg. 321 Sample Street, New York, NY 54321)

● Phone Number (eg. 111–222–3333)

● Email (eg.

Signatures of the Parties

Under this header, you will be required to add the names of the Provider and the Recipient.

1. Provider

● Company Name (eg. Company Example LLC)

● Company Executive’s Name (eg. John Doe)

2. Recipient

● Company/Individuals Name (eg. Service Example LLC)

● Company/Individuals Executives Name (eg. Met Daq)

Next, scroll down to ‘Appendix #2’ in the document and enter the number of years that the agreement should be effective (eg. 2 years).

Under this section, retype the same information about Provider’s and Recipient’s Information as mentioned above.

Make sure to check all of your personal information one more time before you click on the Buy button. You can then proceed with the payment and get your form printed. Make sure to sign your document prior to sending it to the recipient.

You can either choose to mail your document through USPS certified mail or send it online by Letter Carrier.

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