Baltimore Credit Collection Dispute Letter

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Personal Details

You can immediately start filling up your form by first entering your personal information.
● At the top, write down your first and last name. Example: John Doe
● Then enter your Current Address — keeping in mind that this address must be the same as the one mentioned in your ID or Driver’s License:
Address Line 1: 123 Example Street, Unit 1
Address Line 2: New York, NY 12345
● Then choose your Document Date. This implies the date on which you are filling the form.

Filing The Dispute

Now, enter your Account Number, Reference Number, Identifier, or Dispute Matter in the line immediately below the ‘Subject’. The information should be entered in this format: Account # 123456789, Amount: $100.00

Ending The Letter

After doing this, scroll down to the end of the letter. You can read the remaining letter carefully to understand what you are applying for. Under ‘Best Regards’, simply enter your First and Last Name again, for example, John Doe.

Printing The Form

Perfect! It is all done now! Now, click on the ‘Buy’ Button to proceed with the payment details. Make sure to notarize your document before anything else. You may now print out the form. Make sure that you have safely kept the original copy with yourself for record-keeping purposes.

Mail The Form

Mail the letter by USPS Certified Mail. Sending it as ‘Certified’ is best because it guarantees that the company receives it, and they couldn’t beat the bush around it. However, if you are busy and don’t have time to drive to the Post Office, Letter Carrier is here to help. All you have to do is follow They will mail your document and will send you its “Tracking Number” so that you may know when your document reaches its destination.

Important Reminder!

However, you must keep a hard copy of the one you sign and send. Also, remember to always keep a copy of the document, certified mail receipt, payment receipt for your record.

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